What are AskTroosh Repack?

A repack by definition is a mystery product that contains either, all football cards or multi- sport (football, baseball and basketball) card. These cards are specifically curated to give customers an exciting experience and value. We spend hours weekly creating cases that touch as many divisions and teams possible, depending on the product. These repack cases off up an exciting alternative to the sports card singles world, while creating a much less risky alternative to opening sealed wax products,

What types of Boxes do we have?

Standard Repack Products-

These are the standard 6 price levels and our "Troosh's Treasure Trove" products. Both of these can be offered in multi-sport and football only products. These products are offered all year round and restocked daily.

Custom Repack-

Custom repacks come in 2 forms. The first form is limited run formats like, "50/50", white elephant, all case hits, Super Bowl only teams and many more. The second form is that we work with breakers to create their own boxes, formats and repack builds. If you are interested in the second format, please contact us at asktroosh@outlook.com

How do you comp cards?

Comping cards is by far the most argued topic in sports cards. 80% of the time, we can use "the big 4" sites/apps. Those are:


eBay sold items

Alt for PSA frequently sold slabs

Card Ladder

20% of the time we have to use estimates based on similar cards from other products.
Meaning, if a card has never sold for a player, we will find a similar card from a similar set or a player that will have a similar value as a comp.

What condition are the items in AskTroosh Mystery Boxes?

Great question, easy answer! All items are mint to near-mint condition unless otherwise noted by the product or item description.

How many AskTroosh Mystery Boxes are produced?

With our regular boxes, we do our best to always have inventory for you to buy. Our Limited Series boxes are just that, limited! Each series will have a limited amount of boxes stated in the product description.

If you have any questions, email us at AskTroosh@outlook.com